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Moving parts

Originally added for a simple Gaede pump modelling, Molflow can treat certain facets as "Moving parts", and add a certain velocity vector to the normal rebounce directions of molecules hitting a facet. The velocity vector itself can be set globally through the Tools/Moving parts menu:

Attaching files and images in comments

Dear Molflow users,

The forum has been upgraded to allow inserting images and files. It can be useful for attaching geometries and inserting screenshots.

KEK tutorial


Dear KEK participants,

The files for the tutorial are available on this page.

You can download Molflow here.

Good luck!

Tutorial for the 61st AVS Synopsium in Baltimore

Dear participants,

The tutorial is available for download on this page.

Good luck!

Molflow for Mac

Although Molflow is developed for Windows, the WineSkin wrapper allows running it on Mac in non-native mode with a slight performance overhead. You can give it a try through the Downloads section and let us know how it works.


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